Media Cost

Media - Media is one of the greatest tools to evangelise the gospel. Through RIG tv we evangelise by providing Christian content media for the evangelism of Europe. We want to offer this television channel for free to all our viewers. To do so we will need to cover our costs.

Airtime Cost = ‎$36,000/annum

Studio hire = ‎$60,000/annum

Total Equipment = $200,000​ (Camcorders, Studio lights, framing, Tripods)

Studio Staff= $100,000/annum

Miscellaneous = $10,000/annum

Total Cost = $406,000


Building Cost

Are you passionate about seeing the body of Christ equipped to do ministry? Consider becoming a Building Angel today. Our vision is to own a base in the United States for the raising of Apostles and Prophets around Europe.  We recognise that this is going to require great faith on our part but we are believing God for it to be totally paid by the faith of people like you who contribute towards this effort.  

Total Cost = $5,000,000

Missions Cost


Help us go to the Nations by becoming a Missions Angel.  Your donations help us to send Apostles and Prophets to the establishment of ministries, outreaches and schools. Not only that but in the interest of booking buildings we would like to grow to a place where we do not have to charge for our meetings. If you would like to become an events angel, you will help us tremendously by supporting our events around Europe.

Total Cost = $30,000